Photograph of Joan Bruna and his cat
Joan Bruna is an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley. You can reach him personally at joan.bruna[at]
Photograph of Manuel Gomez Rodriguez
Manuel Gomez Rodriguez is a research group leader at MPI-SWS. You can reach him personally at manuelgr[at]
Photograph of Isabel Valera
Isabel Valera is a Postdoctoral fellow at MPI-SWS. She is managing the local arrangements for the summer school. You can reach her personally at ivalera[at]
Photograph of Isabel Valera
Utkarsh Upadhyay is a PhD candidate at MPI-SWS. He is in charge of the website for the summer school. You can reach him personally at utkarshu[at]
Photograph of Fernando Perez-Cruz
Fernando Perez-Cruz is a an associate professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Labs (Alcatel-Lucent). He is also the general chair of AISTATS'16. He is our local host, advising us in matters related to organization.


We also have as volunteers:

  • Ali Zaraazde (MPI)
  • Alex Nowak (UPC Barcelona)
  • Sariq Mobin (UC Berkeley)

Please direct your general queries to mlss2016[at]


We used photographs by Ali Eminov, Pepe Rodríguez Cordon and Guillén Pérez made available under the CC license.

The source code for the application system was written by Alex Ksikes for MLSS 2009 and is being re-used for the MLSS 2016.

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