Diffusion, Activity and Events in Networks: Models, Methods & Applications

This workshop aims to bring together bring together researchers from academia and industry, as well as practitioners, that use data mining, machine learning, statistics, graph theory, information retrieval, causal inference, statistical physics, and sociology, to study diffusion, activity and events in networks. The workshop will consist of invited talks, contributed talks, poster session and enough time for scientific discussions.

Topics of interest included, but are not limited to:

  • Cascading processes in networks
  • Modeling and shaping social activity in networks
  • Metrics, models and measurement of influence in networks
  • Homophily, social contagion and causality
  • Information diffusion in social networks
  • Rumors, misinformation, and anti-spam detection
  • News diffusion and data-driven journalism
  • Propagation of revolutionary unrest in networks
  • Mobility patterns and traveling in networks
  • Disease dynamics and vaccination in networks
  • Virtual currenty networks
  • Games in networks
  • Trust in networks

The workshop will take place at WWW 2015 in Florence (Italy) on May 19.

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